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The do-it-all test automation tool

TestArchitect is a powerful test automation framework that allows teams to improve quality through better test coverage, while reducing time-to-market and reducing costs.


Test Automation for browser, native and mobile applications


Image recognition technologies


Integration with Visual Studio and Azure DevOps


Custom code handlers for limitless potential

TestArchitect Test Runner

Modern Keyword-Driven Testing

Action Based Testing is a modern keyword-driven test development method that employs ABTL, a domain specific language that is specifically designed for Test Automation.

Cross-Platform Automation

Unified platform to automate Web, Webservice, Desktop, Image, Database Testing, and more.

Trusted By Enterprises

From early-stage startups to Fortune 100s, TestArchitect and our Professional Service team have helped our clients build robuts solutions capitalizing the full potential of Test Automation.

Key Features

Just a few of the key features in TestArchitect

Azure DevOps integration

Integrate TestArchitect into your CI/CD & DevOps pipelines to assist in application lifecycle management, test management, and bug tracking.

Visual Studio plugin

TestArchitect for Visual Studio seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) to let you define testing based on the same team projects other areas of your organization use.

Image-Based Testing

Utilising optical character recognition technologies and edge detection to provide highly flexible image based testing tools.

Mobile Test Automation

Automate test execution across mobile devices with integrations for Browser Stack, Remote TestKit and Appium.

Web & Web Service Testing

Create, manage and run web-based automated tests on different types of browsers, and perform functional testing of web services.

Scaleable Concurrent Testing

Using the TestArchitect Controller software to manage multi-station test automation at scale.

Automation Harnesses

If you need to extend the availble actions, you can easily code in Python, C# and Java.

Native Application Testing

Test desktop applications created with various technologies.

Automation Analytics

Record screenshots, easily compare results and output reports from test execution to help you analyse your test results.

What can TestArchitect do for you?

TestArchitect is highly flexible and can fit into your existing development and testing pipelines, regardless of scale.


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