LogiGear’s Localization Quality Assurance Services

Localization testing can make or break an application’s entry in a global business market. No matter how technical your application may be, we’ll work closely with you to understand your testing needs and develop the right localization engagement model and testing strategy.

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Localization Testing Services

Organizations often struggle with localization quality assurance testing. It’s time to work with a corporate testing solution provider with a proven track record in localization testing. LogiGear works with Fortune 1000 companies looking to expand into global markets by streamlining their testing practice. Our testing services include:

  • Simultaneous multi-language testing
  • Multilingual Automation Testing
  • Responsiveness Testing
  • Internationalization & Localization Quality Assurance Testing
  • Engineering, Automation and testing
  • Desktop, mobile, and IoT Testing (SMAC testing)
  • Games Testing

Our localization services offer expertise in various languages and cultures, including but not limited to: English and the Double-byte Languages, e.g. Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean.

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Our client needed a Software Testing vendor to assist with QA localization testing across web, mobile, and OS to make sure that their User Portal’s user interface (UI) operated across 7 different languages: English, French, Chinese, Spanish, German, Korean, and Japanese.

LogiGear can assist with various types of localization testing, including

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Multilingual Automation Testing for Localization

With Automation, you can automate one language once, and then scale quickly to all other supported languages.

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Japanese Language Localization

Uniquely qualified, LogiGear has both offices located in Silicon Valley, and Tokyo with native language speakers in both English and Japanese.

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Localization for the Games and Gaming Industry

When you localize your game for a global customer base, you’ll generate happier end users, increased profits, and a brand-name advantage over your competitors.

Learn how LogiGear can give your company a global competitive edge with properly localized software products

What to Expect with Localization by LogiGear

With deep domain expertise in Automation and Games Testing, proven Automation process, and the ability to ramp-up or ramp-down quickly, we’ll work closely with you to ensure your unique localization needs are addressed.

Localization Strategy

LogiGear consultants will audit your existing testing process, test suites and test execution infrastructure to establish a roadmap for implementing and maintaining localization tests. We’ll then produce a Proof of Concept (POC) for your Automated Localization Testing solution so that you can see how test strategy will work for your organization.

Tools & Frameworks

Our localization experts will work with your preferred testing tools/frameworks, our prebuilt frameworks, or help you to select, and customize the tools to fit your needs

Specialized Localization Experts

Our localization testers have extensive experience working with applications for global markets, including extensive manual localization quality assurance testing and Test Automation expertise.

Test Execution

We’ll help you run localization tests using VPNs, translation tools, visual UI tests, automated and manual localization tests across different platforms (e.g. desktop, mobile, IoT). We can also hand off these test cases to your test team for test execution.

Scalability & Maintainability

Test design is the single most important factor in realizing scalable and maintainable tests. We employ test design best practices to ensure optimal reusability & maintainability across business units’ projects.

Maintenance & Support

We’ll work with your in-house team to maintain the localization test suites on an as-needed basis, or provide best practices to your in-house team.

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Case Study
LogiGear transitions Energy Client to the Cloud & increases code coverage by 14.5%

In order to stay at the forefront of innovation in their industry, our client sought to transition their suite of E&P applications to the cloud––making them the first of their competitors to do so. In order to ensure they were the first, they needed an accelerated transition, as well as assistance refactoring and further developing their applications to be cloud-native. To support their new cloud platform, they would also need to revamp their testing, and sought to shift-left their testing with an Agile Transformation.

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Case Study
LogiGear Implements Custom API/UI Automation for Software Services Client's Web Application

Our software services client was looking for a Software Testing and Development service provider to handle the API and UI Automation of their call center web application. They also sought Automation solutions that could work with their Windows applications to create data, export to Excel Pivot Tables, and report back to the server. Finally, they wanted to create a new Test Management Dashboard that could integrate with their Automation tests in Jenkins and the AWS EC2 system.

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Case Study
LogiGear Performs Agile Development for 5 Sub-Projects Fixes Over 500,000 bugs

Our client was looking for a testing service provider that could help them with the Agile Development of their product on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS), including manual test case creation and execution, for 5 sub-projects: Web, Win, Mobile, Clippers, and Common Editor.

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