Mambo Merge for Salesforce

Mambo Merge is a native document generation application to simplify the creation of professional documents from your Salesforce data.

Mambo Merge

Quick Document Generation

No more cutting and pasting, no more re-formatting, and no more clicking back and forth between apps - just push the button and download your finished file.

Consistent Design

Mambo Merge makes it easy to transform even your existing Word docs for Salesforce generation, so you can keep the look and feel that works for your business, but save time when it comes to creating them.

Secure and Simple

Perfect for invoices, quotes, contracts, work orders, purchase orders, and more! With Mambo Merge your data never leaves Salesforce, so you never have to worry about who has access along the way.

Key Features

Just a few of the key features in Mambo Merge

Salesforce Native

Mambo Merge contains zero custom objects and builds around a low footprint that seamlessly integrates within Salesforce.

Easy to Understand, Easy to Use

Merge fields require no code, no advanced technical knowledge, and make document generation easy for all users.

Convert Existing Templates

An existing .docx template can be converted into a mambo merge template within minutes.

Instant Document Generation

Perform a secure mail merge to produce highly-finished Microsoft Word documents with data from your Salesforce org.

Data Security

Mambo Merge is the most secure mail merge document generation app for Salesforce. Your data never leaves Salesforce, so it's 100% secure from start to finish.

AdobeSign & Docusign integration

Mambo Merge templates can be synced with either AdobeSign or Docusign.

Simple Visibility Controls

Using Salesforce built-in conditional visibility you can filter what components show up on a lighting page based on field, user, or condition.

Generate a Variety of Data Formats

In addition to a regular document, Mambo Merge can also generate spreadsheets, presentations, HTML and PDFs.

Custom Code

Although not usually necessary, it is possible to write custom code for particular use-cases.

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