Build. Test. Deliver.

By leveraging LogiGear's onshore, nearshore, and offshore services, you can benefit from increased flexibility, access to global talent, improved communication, cost-effectiveness, and risk mitigation.

Global Delivery

At LogiGear, we understand the importance of selecting the right delivery model for your organization's unique needs. Our delivery methodology is designed to facilitate your digital journey throughout the entire product life cycle, ensuring that you stay in motion towards success.

You can trust LogiGear to keep you in motion towards success on your digital journey by implementing the best practices for onshore, nearshore, and offshore delivery models, tailored to meet your organization's unique needs.


Delivery managed out of the country or nearby country where the client prefers. For the UK & EU could be Britain, Germany, France, etc. North America includes the US and Canada. Asia includes Japan.


A lower costs delivery center that is within similar proximity in time zone and culture as the onshore team. LATAM is nearshore to North America. South Africa is nearshore to UK & EU. Vietnam is nearshore for Japan/Asia.


A significantly lower costs delivery center that is not within the time zone of the onshore or nearshore team. This is also an option to enable follow the sun delivery capabilities. Vietnam and South Africa are offshore to North America. LATAM and Vietnam are offshore to UK & EU, South Africa and LATAM are offshore to Japan/Asia.

Delivery Models