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LogiGear offers comprehensive solutions for enterprise and technology companies with a focus on user adoption. Our unique perspective allows us to serve both types of clients throughout the digital product life cycle.


Why you Should Join Our Dynamic & Innovative Team

Our values of Integrity, Empathy, Respect, and Teamwork guide us in fostering a transparent, compassionate, and inclusive work environment.

Upholding ethical behavior, honesty, and accountability in all actions and decisions, leading to personal and professional growth.
Developing strong emotional intelligence, deepening understanding of others' perspectives and feelings, and enhancing interpersonal relationships.
Cultivating an environment of mutual respect, fostering personal growth, and enhancing self-esteem by valuing diverse perspectives and maintaining open-mindedness.
Strengthening communication and collaboration skills, prioritizing shared goals, and supporting team members to maximize their potential and achieve collective success.
New Open Positions
Automation Test Engineer (Selenium,Performance Testing)
Ho Chi Minh City, VN
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Automation Test Engineer (Selenium,Performance Testing)
Da Nang, VN
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