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Facing gaps in your test coverage, grappling with technical debt, or embarking on a new project?

With our deep expertise in test design consultancy, the real question is: How can we assist you?


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The do-it-all test automation tool.

Why choose TestArchitect for your test automation needs? It's user-friendly, incredibly adaptable, and supports multiple platforms and devices.

TestArchitect seamlessly integrates into any development and testing pipeline, no matter the scale.

"Innovative Interfaces Inc., uses TestArchitect to reduce regression test execution time by 94%"

Need software development services?

We don't just identify bugs; we rectify them. Harness our bespoke software solutions to tackle technical debt or develop innovative project features.

With our unwavering commitment to collaboration, personalization, and quality, we ensure solutions that align seamlessly with your distinct goals and industry vision. Let us be your trusted partner in driving meaningful digital innovation.

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Our enduring client partnerships and project renewals underscore our commitment to exceptional delivery and lasting satisfaction.

What can we do for you?

Services through the software development lifecycle.

Test Design

We're experts in test design, with a successful track record of 28+ years and over 3000 projects delivered we have a huge amount of experience to draw from.

Test Automation

Work with our expert test automation engineers; our advanced tools and methods ensure swift, consistent testing cycles.

Manual Testing

Rely on our hands-on manual testing. Our expert testers ensure every feature works seamlessly, catching nuances automation might miss.

Software development

We don't just find bugs, we'll fix them too. We can craft tailored software solutions to drive your digital journey.

CI/CD Services

Streamline your development with our CI/CD services. We ensure rapid, reliable releases, bridging the gap between development and deployment.


Empower your team with our comprehensive training programs. Enhance skills, adopt best practices, and stay ahead in the tech landscape.

System Integration

Seamlessly connect disparate systems with our integration services. We ensure smooth data flow and enhanced functionality across your tech ecosystem.


Benefit from our deep industry insights with consultancy services. We guide strategies, optimize processes, and drive growth tailored to your business needs.

Games Testing

Ensure flawless gameplay with our specialized games testing. We pinpoint bugs, optimize performance, and enhance the player experience.