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Selenium Test Automation Services

Key Challenges

There’s more to consider beyond the “framework”
Selenium WebDriver, simply put, is a test automation library that drives the web browsers. To get the most out of Selenium to meet your test automation goals, you may have to integrate your Selenium framework with many other tools and potentially, other frameworks. Some questions that you’ll be asking, might include, writing the test code in Java, C# or Python? Should we use Robot Framework or SpecFlow for ATDD/BDD? How would we implement WebDriver with existing test case management tools? The list goes on and on.

Maintainability is key

Test automation is a long journey. Creating a few dozen automated test cases is easy. Maintaining them overtime and scaling your test suite to hundreds or thousands of tests is not. The architecture of the test framework must be solid, meaning that a small UI change shouldn’t break the tests. The tests should also be well-designed, well-organized, and the test code must be understandable for future releases. It’s a commonly acknowledged pain that maintainability remains the most challenging issue in test automation.

Keeping up with the rapid pace of change

The world of technology is changing at such a rate that it is hard to keep up. Apps are developed and deployed faster than ever before. Web browser releases are run quarterly, and with each new version, it can introduce new security policies that might demolish your test framework. The constant stream of new mobile devices, with their bigger screens, and updated OS versions are introduced yearly. All of these factors require us to be able to adapt to the changing marketplace quickly and effectively.

Collaboration & reporting through the test framework

Your Selenium framework has more stakeholders than you might think. Domain experts on your team want automated tests to be business-readable. QA folks want to link automated tests with their TCM (test case management system). QA management wants beautiful dashboards and reports that summarize the regression run status and that also have the ability to drill down to the root of any failure. DevOps management wants test automation to be a part of CI/CD process. All of these requirements make for one very complex testing situation.

Our Selenium Service Offerings

Jumpstart Program

This program is specifically designed to help QA/Test Engineers and teams to quickly embark on Selenium test automation.

Key Benefits

  • Get a robust and ready-to-fly Selenium framework
  • Quick start with dozens of test cases automated that are both maintainable & readable
  • Get hands-on experience with Selenium & Jenkins

Key Deliverables

  • Assessment and recommendations for current test design & test automation capabilities
  • Selenium framework built under Page Object Pattern guidelines
  • CI process up & running with your tool (e.g., Jenkins)
  • Selenium industry leading practices training
  • Framework architecture & design training
Selenium custom development service

Every organization and every project has unique needs. We work closely with you to precisely understand those needs and then develop the right engagement model for your specific testing requirements.

Cost-effective, highly-maintainable, and long-term solution for Selenium test automation

Leveraging the large pool of software developers in-test (SDiT) with extensive test automation hands-on experience

Leveraging well-known open-source tools & frameworks to fit in your development & testing processes

Fast ramp-up with on-demand expertise

Quick facts

  • CI with tools like Jenkins and Team City
  • Reporting & dashboard
  • Page Object design pattern
  • Web testing, mobile testing, data-driven testing, performance testing etc.
  • Tool integrations with Jira, TFS, JBehave, JMeter, etc.

  • Java, C#, Python, Ruby, etc.
  • Unit test frameworks: TestNG, Junit, RSpec, etc.
  • Parallel execution with Selenium Grid
  • ATDD/BDD frameworks: Robot Framework, SpecFlow and Cucumber
  • Cloud execution with SauceLabs and other services