QA Testing Services for Improved Quality and Reduced Costs


Manual testing

We provide the talent, expertise and tools to deliver your product with a faster time-to-market, measurable improvements in quality and cost reduction. Leveraging our services allows you to test earlier, more often and identify defects when they are less costly to remediate.

Our services range from on-demand manual testing resources by individual testers or dedicated teams, to fully Managed Testing Services where we take full responsibility for testing projects. Our high quality QA services let you improve testing while reducing costs.

We have the resources for every project stage

• Requirement testing
• Test plan development
• Test scenario
• System testing
• Performance testing
• Integration testing
• Smoke testing
• User acceptance testing
• Integration testing
• Regression testing

Automated testing

We are the preeminent provider of test automation, combining the speed and cost-savings benefits of software test automation with low-cost offshore testing resources. Our automation experts can work with your preferred automated software testing tool, or our own TestArchitect, to conduct automated testing on a large-scale.

Our automation teams have been successfully integrated with a number of our clients’ Agile development teams. We have automated applications running on every major platform, using a wide-range of well-known tools as well as custom- developed test automation solutions.


By leveraging LogiGear’s testing expertise Halliburton reduced defects 97% at shipment.




Experienced testers
US project management
Fast ramp up speeds projects
Flexible staffing lets you adjust for peaks and valleys
Dedicated team for your projects
Strong security for IP and asset protection
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Functional Testing

Real-world software testing

You need the assurance that your application provides your users with the outcomes and experience expected. Our testers are equipped with the knowledge and tools to efficiently test the latest applications, including Internet of Things (IoT) devices and apps, mobile platforms and complex web services to help you deliver quality applications at the speed of your business.

  • Web
  • Cloud
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile
  • Embedded
  • Integration
  • Acceptance
  • Regression
  • UI
  • API

We take your specifications or use cases and execute functional tests to verify that your application conforms to your requirements. Our extensive testing background also allows us to help clients develop detailed requirements and create the necessary use cases that can identify more bugs earlier.

We can work with test assets that you may already have — test cases, issue trackers and mobile devices — or we can develop those test assets for you and assemble test lab infrastructure specific to your testing requirements. We can also augment manual testing with test automation to further reduce the time and cost of software testing.


Leapfrog is a long time LogiGear client that leverages flexible-staffing to accommodate cyclical production periods.




Broad domain expertise
Proven processes
Ability to ramp up or down quickly
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Automated Testing

Test automation for maximum efficiency

Test automation is a reliable means of reducing testing cycle time without sacrificing the quantity and quality of testing.

We are the preeminent provider of software test automation services and have automated applications running on major platforms, using a wide range of well-known tools and custom-developed test automation solutions.

Test Architect

Our software test automation specialists constitute test automation architects, automation leads and automation engineers with expertise in just about every automation technology, including integration with ALM tools and platforms. We have also been successful in providing off-shore automation for a number of clients’ Agile development teams.


McAfee turned to LogiGear for test automation for security software, increasing test coverage from 10% to 90%.




Find out the importance of test design for automation in the presentation: Garbage in = Garbage out



Reduced testing time
Increased test coverage
Extensive technology expertise
Economical outsourced resources
Fast ramp up
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Load and Performance Testing

Application Performance challenges

Performance issues are costly to fix when found late in the SDLC. It’s even worse when the slow down happens in production. It frustrates your end-users and customers, lessens their productivity and forces them to abandon your app and look to your competitors for alternatives. Too often the correction plan involves large-scale changes in the app’s architecture that can take a long time to implement.

Many organizations have realized performance and load testing is mission critical to delivering a great customer experience. Nevertheless, implementing performance testing strategies still have the remaining challenges:

  • Early prediction of system performance
  • Custom protocols that are not supported by standard tools.
  • High quality at speed while on budget.
  • Maximizing performance of current infrastructure
  • Performance testing requires specialized skill-sets and tools as well as infrastructure.
  • Find the right scale of test configuration to represent the production configuration.

LogiGear has been helping clients overcome performance testing challenges and deliver apps that meet business objectives: responsiveness, reliability and resilience with optimum infrastructure.

LogiGear Performance Testing Service

  • Comprehensive Approach

    Design realistic & consumer-focused test plan for Load Testing, Stress Testing, Soak Testing and Spike Testing

  • Experienced in Various Load Targets

    Web, Mobile, Desktop, SOA, Web Service, API, IoT, SaaS, Database, etc.

  • Strategic Partnership with Leading Tool Vendors

    Microsoft & Neotys are two of our partners who help us ensure that as our client, you’ll get cost-effective access to best-of-breed solutions and practices.

  • Automated Performance Test Suite

    Develop & maintain an automated performance test suite and execute them with in-house or cloud-based load generators.

  • Continuous Performance Testing

    Test more consistently and earlier by integrating your automated performance tests to your CI/CD pipeline.

  • Expertise with Flexibility

    Leverage our large pool of proficient performance engineers with the right skills, on an on-demand basis.

Your Benefits

By partnering with us, you can:


Predict infrastructure needs for different customer growth scenarios.


Stay on top of how your apps behave in different load scenarios accounting holiday traffic, user geographies, etc.


Improve user experience, loyalty and revenue.


Get performance testing done by experts for lower costs and quicker time to market.


Identify performance bottlenecks early to prevent associated business damages as well as costly engineering remedy.


Get automated performance testing implemented early and finished within the same iteration with Dev.



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SOA Testing

LogiGear has been helping organizations deliver SOA testing efforts including SOAP and REST based systems to ensure the robustness, reliability, and resilience of the service for over 20 years.

How LogiGear Helps

We help organizations achieve and keep up QoS they need to stay ahead of competition by implementing a comprehensive SOA testing strategy that covers functional, load & performance, interoperability, and security testing from a business needs perspective.

Here are some common problems that our clients have leveraged our services for.

  • They found out in-house testing is not a viable option because SOA testing requires a whole lot of technical skills.

  • They wanted to avoid the pitfalls of using a single service provider for both development and testing.

  • Their Quality of Service (QoS) needs to be turbo-charged to meet business objectives.

Our Offering

Automated Regression Suite

Develop automated regression test suite to reduce testing time and find defects early.

Performance Testing

Design load & performance test scenarios and run them against on-prem or cloud-based test environments.

Non-Functional Testing

Security Testing, Usability Testing, Compliance & Regulations.

Layer-Based Testing Approach

Tests are organized in layers: independent services, services integration and system.

Agile & CI/CD

Integrate our team to your team. Integrate the automated tests we build to your CI/CD pipeline.

Expertise with Flexibility

Access to large pool of talented Software Developer in Test with the right skills at any time.

Quick Facts

We have vast experience in leading technologies, tools and methods:

Web Service Technologies: REST, SOAP - JSON, XML - HTTP, HTTPs - Basic Auth, Oauth.

  • Automated Functional Testing: Multi-tier Integration Testing, Authentication & Authorization, Negative Cases, Boundary Conditions, Attachments Handling, Status Code, Error Handling, SOA Fault

  • Interoperability Testing.

  • Data Testing: data scheme, structure & content, WSDL testing, bad & vulnerable data, WS-I Compliance, Industry-specific Schema, Data Serialization/Deserialization.

  • Non-Functional Testing: Load & Performance Testing, OWASP Top 10 Security Testing, Pen Testing, Usability Testing, Documentation Testing, Compliance & Regulations.

  • Tools:

    • HP UFT, Parasoft SOAtest, SOAP UI, Rest Assured.

    • TFS, Jenkins, TeamCity, etc.

    • NeoLoad, JMeter, Amazon Cloud.

SOA testing
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Experienced testers
US project management
Fast ramp up speeds projects
Flexible staffing lets you adjust for peaks and valleys
Dedicated team for your projects
Strong security for IP and asset protection


We’ve helped companies across a wide range of industries, from Fortune 100 to early state startups to achieve test automation prowess.

  • EA Sports
  • Amway
  • Rakuten
  • Centrify
  • Xerox
  • General Mills
  • Websense
  • Halliburton
  • McAfee
  • GE energy
  • NBC universal
  • Appriver
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Game Testing Service

Game Testing Service Offering

Game Testing isn’t just getting together a bunch of university students together and trying to ‘break a product’ before it hits market. Games Testing is a highly technical area of testing, and requires thought and precision. With the explosion of gaming, having a thorough strategy for your game to have the best UX is essential. LogiGear has had several clients in the games and gaming industry over our history, and have helped them effectively test their product. No matter how technical your game is, we’ll work closely with you to precisely understand your testing needs and then develop the right engagement model and test strategy.

A game testing project typically includes:

Functional Testing

  • Game Rules & AIs
  • Game Levels
  • Multi-Player
  • Social Media Integration
  • E-commerce

Compatibility Testing

  • OS & Browsers
  • Console Devices
  • Mobile Devices

Performance Testing

  • Rendering performance
  • Load & stress testing
  • Memory, Battery

Additional Testing

  • Installation & Upgrade
  • Localization
  • Usability
  • Music & Sound

Test Automation for Games with TestArchitect

At LogiGear, we embrace test automation wherever possible to help our customers release higher quality products faster. Major game companies have used LogiGear’s test automation tool, TestArchitect, to automate their game testing.

TestArchitect possesses advanced image recognition technologies to help you automate your game testing from the user’s perspective. By using TestArchitect, your testers can also create reusable game actions to build business readable and maintainable tests based on live play/scenarios. This allows your test team to thoroughly test the game through a variety of combinations and permutations.


Our Capabilities

LogiGear has strong capabilities to execute a client’s strategy to ensure high quality while reducing cost and time to market:
  • Experience in setting up game testing labs to effectively test our client’s products.
  • Specialized game testers with extensive experience in hundreds of games across many genres.
  • Ability to ramp up and down quickly to meet your business objectives.
  • Test automation with advanced image recognition techniques.
  • Experience in testing the following Gaming platforms:
    • Windows games, Mobile games, online games, Facebook games
    • Gaming consoles: Xbox, PlayStation, etc.
    • Third-party gaming devices/platforms

Innovative testing strategy for robotic battle-racing game

See how Anki got confidence that their product would be market ready and well tested despite testing challenges in AI-based games.



Cost reduced by 30%, inefficiencies eliminated

See how Leapfrog delivered record releases while reducing QA staff by 60%.




Broad domain expertise
Proven processes
Ability to ramp up or down quickly
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