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SOA Testing

LogiGear has been helping organizations deliver SOA testing efforts including SOAP and REST based systems to ensure the robustness, reliability, and resilience of the service for over 20 years.

How LogiGear Helps

We help organizations achieve and keep up QoS they need to stay ahead of competition by implementing a comprehensive SOA testing strategy that covers functional, load and performance, interoperability, and security testing from a business needs perspective.

Here are some common problems that our clients have leveraged our services for.

  • They found that in-house testing is not a viable option because SOA testing requires a whole lot of technical skills.
  • They wanted to avoid the pitfalls of using a single service provider for both development and testing.
  • Their Quality of Service (QoS) needs to be turbo-charged to meet business objectives.

Our Offering

  • Automated Regression Suite

    Develop automated regression test suite to reduce testing time and find defects early.

  • Performance Testing

    Design load & performance test scenarios and run them against on-premises or cloud-based test environments.

  • Non-Functional Testing

    Security Testing, Usability Testing, Compliance & Regulations.

  • Layer-Based Testing Approach

    Tests are organized in layers: independent services, services integration and system.

  • Agile & CI/CD

    Integrate our team with your team. Integrate the automated tests that we build to your CI/CD pipeline.

  • Expertise with Flexibility

    Access to a large pool of talented Software Developer in Test with the right skills at any time.

Quick Facts

We have vast experience in leading technologies, tools and methods:

  • Web Service Technologies: REST, SOAP - JSON, XML - HTTP, HTTPs - Basic Auth, Oauth.

  • Automated Functional Testing: Multi-tier Integration Testing, Authentication & Authorization, Negative Cases, Boundary Conditions, Attachments Handling, Status Code, Error Handling, SOA Fault

  • Interoperability Testing.

  • Data Testing: data scheme, structure & content, WSDL testing, bad & vulnerable data, WS-I Compliance, Industry-specific Schema, Data Serialization/Deserialization.

  • Non-Functional Testing: Load & Performance Testing, OWASP Top 10 Security Testing, Pen Testing, Usability Testing, Documentation Testing, Compliance & Regulations.

  • Tools:
    • HP UFT, Parasoft SOAtest, SOAP UI, Rest Assured.
    • TFS, Jenkins, TeamCity, etc.
    • NeoLoad, JMeter, Amazon Cloud.


  • Experienced testers
  • US project management
  • Fast ramp up speeds projects
  • Flexible staffing lets you adjust for peaks and valleys
  • Dedicated team for your projects
  • Strong security for IP and asset protection