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LogiGear offer a full-range of test automation services to help your organization transform your testing process from manual testing processes to continuous testing.
It wasn’t long ago that the Dev and test teams would work late hours, focused and rushed to meet a deadline: rapid fixing, reprioritizing and deferring bugs to close out the bug list, move everything to the staging server, do one last run of the regression and pass it over to Ops/IT to move to production. What happened after?
According to a recently released report, test automation continues to be a problem for the software development industry. LogiGear released its first in a four-part survey series report on the software testing landscape.
Continuous Testing is an important part of DevOps practices, but for companies that are transforming their testing strategies from a semi-manual testing environment to a full-blown Continuous Testing environment, it’s possible that they will encounter one of several challenges, according to CEO of LogiGear Hung Nguyen.
Electric Cloud wants to give DevOps teams the ability to do zero-downtime deployments. The company announced the latest version of its end-to-end DevOps platform, ElectricFlow, with push-button support for advanced deployments.
Whether you’re doing manual testing or automated testing, one thing is for sure: The more you can test, the better quality software you will deliver. These are the companies leading the way in modern, “shift-left” testing tools and methodologies.
LogiGear announced the newest addition to the TestArchitect family, TestArchitect Team, a new edition of TestArchitect customized to meet small teams’ software testing needs.
What You Get?
  • How better test designs will result in much-improved test automation and can make the difference between automation success and failure.
  • See why successful automated testing is not so much a technical challenge as it is a test design challenge.
  • Share a template you can follow to get your tests organized and ready for efficient automation.
  • Whether you work on a traditional or agile project, join this webinar to learn about techniques—action-based testing, behavior-driven development, and exploratory testing—that can help you achieve better test design and great automation.
LogiGear introduces the “Freemium” launch of TestArchitect Team

Foster City, CA, June 05th, 2017 — LogiGear, a world leader in software testing solutions, today announced the newest addition to the TestArchitect™ family, TestArchitect Team. This new edition of TestArchitect is available online at and is customized to meet small teams’ software testing needs.
A common spoiler for automation is a lack of focus in test cases. Tests should have a clear scope that should differentiate them from other tests. All steps and checks in the tests should then fit that scope. The scope of a test case should be very clear; otherwise, there is no knowing how detailed the tests steps should be and what checks should be performed.